Medium, Light weight yarns for Pittsburgh Penguins

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Closest yarn colors for: Pittsburgh Penguins in Medium, Light weight yarns. These yarns are 'automagic' matches from the thousands of yarn colors we carry: they are definitely not official colors. Some may be very close, others not close at all... We think the fun part is deciding what you like best! This is our effort to give you a jump-start in your search... Good luck, enjoy, and... Go Pittsburgh Penguins!

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Need patterns? We have collected a bunch of free / affordable knitting and crochet patterns for showing your support for your team or school. Why not try a "conceptual knitting" project? Knit a scarf or socks with rows of one color to represent wins, another color for losses. Fun for watching games! So many fun yarns to from which to choose...


Yarn Matches

Matches: 1
Medium Wool
Cotton Fleece Yarn
Light Cotton
Matches: 2

Thanks to Team Colors and operationsports for colors and logos.